Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Camp Inspired: Ojo de Dios, Homespun Style!

 You may or may not remember that I was blessed enough
 to take off of work this past summer to do
"Day Camp" at our Church with my boys.
We had a "Western" theme, and I was a Second Grade Teacher.
I enjoyed making
"Ojo de Dios or Eyes of God"
with the children.
My boys
(who were in First and Third grade classes)
also got to make them.
It was pretty difficult at first to figure out how to make them with
popsicle sticks and a small ball of yarn...
....pretty soon we all got the hang of it.
 I was so inspired by the process of making them,
that I got home and couldn't stop!
Of course in order to make them
extra special & more appealing to a grown up audience
(who of course have a child-like heart for decor just like mine)
I decided to get out the vintage supplies and go to it!
 My God's Eyes or Ojo de Dios wall hangings
are made with total vintage thrifted and homespun style.
I started with vintage knitting needles and added
retro thrifted granny chic style sheeting & second hand yarn bits.
 Figuring out how to get the fabric to lay "just so" was more difficult than one might imagine...
but so worth the end result.
I decided to list these beauties in my shop
 What about you?
Do you remember working with popsicle sticks and yarn during a
Summer Camp experience?
I have to say...they are really fun
(albeit time consuming)
to make.
I don't knit, crochet, or stitch myself...
but I do thrift!
I believe in using the things I thrift to make something fresh and new.
Hopefully someone will find an interest in these
joyful creations
the way that I do.
Happy September my friends!

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