Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Blues?

 Hello + Hello!
How are you my lovely friends?
Are you doing ok with Christmas being over?
I know that every year at this time I go through a bit of withdrawal....
I simply LOVE Christmas time
frankly it's kinda hard to let it go.
I have slowly been going around the house gathering up decorations
 to be stowed away for another year.
I have yet to take the tree just smells so sweet right now as it's finally
beginning to dry out.
Ohhhhh welllllll.
I will get it done sooner or later.
 Instead I decided to take a quick break from un-decorating to list a few new products online.
Above you see a beautiful new/vintage wallpaper that I'm
selling over on Etsy in my shop
I simply love the older graphics of vintage wallpaper and the hand blocking that was often used.
This powder blue beauty is so lovely for this time of the year....
I think this sweet treasury below is awesome as well: can find it here.
I hope you will get over the holiday blues with me.
I'm sure once I get the Christmas decorations stowed away...
I'll be fine again....after all, there is a New Year to begin!


  1. I love Christmas, but I'm not really having any blues afterward, because I'm back in my house enjoying some peace and quiet after me and my husband's noisy families. I'm sad that all the decorations and lights are going down though. I like people who are lazy and leave them up past New Year's. :D

  2. Sending you PEACE mixed with oodles of joy for 2013! Thank you for being such a blessing to me.xoxoxo


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