Monday, December 31, 2012

Nesting New HOPE & New DREAMS

 Hello + Hello!
As I sit here in the waning sunlight of a glorious snow sprinkled day...
the last day of 2012,
I am in awe of what a new year's promises can bring to a weary soul.
My children have been ill with the stomach flu this past week, and it has been less than
enjoyable for us all.
I wanted to take a moment to enjoy the silence of this afternoon while they napped to
gather my thoughts and reflect on our past year together as a family.
I also wanted to renew my sense of wonder and passion for a new year to come.
Even though it's just a new calendar year tomorrow...
I still can't help but find
in any kind of new beginning.
I chose photos from the past few years here in my blog post that seem to
put to visual thought the things conjured by such dreams of a new year.
Above you see a sweet nest of which reminded me of new life....
new life which is breathed into our home every time I decide to
clean, organize or decorate our family home.
 Forced spring buds remind me that winter is not eternal...and warmth will once again fill
this land.
 Lit candles bring me to a warm place filled with soft music & love in the air...
a place that feels warm and cozy even on a cold rainy night.
 Dainty sweet birds remind me to sing even when the storm is threatening...
God cares even for the least of these....why shouldn't he also care for you....for me?
 This knitting bag reminds me I'm never too old or too busy to try new things, new crafts
or new places to travel to.
What will be your "new thing" in 2013?
....and finally...
this random photo reminds me to take care of myself.
if I do not do so...
not only will I suffer...but those who so truly depend on me.
Will you take the time to care for yourself in 2013?
What are your goals...are they simple? Complex?
I know I have more goals myself.
Many of which are quite simple...some more difficult than others.
1. I'd like to spend more time in His Word.
2. I'd like to finish out the details of my studio.
3. I want to learn to use my talents more wisely & pointedly.
4. I want to work on my cheer....and get rid of some anger.
5. I want to rid myself of the desire to belong...and be safe; I want to be who I really am
without fear.
So many more ideas come to my mind...but this is a start for today.
What are you going to add to your goals?
Contentment, relaxation more time reading?
I'd love to hear...& I want you to be encouraged.
My thoughts and prayers are with you my friends.
I thank-you profusely from the bottom of my heart for
following along on this bumpy bloggy road.
I look forward to our chats and visits in 2013.
Cheers my friends,
Happy New Year!


  1. Reading this post in the first morning of 2013 has brought me so much peace. My goals are simple, yet I know they will require discipline and hard work. 1. Lose weight 2. Organize 3. Do more. I love the hope and excitement a new year brings. Wish I could bottle it :)

  2. Well, first is to pray that my family is well and that I am able to do what I need to so I can care for them.
    To work in my studio daily, write my book, reach out more to people (did that today by beginning my own blog) and consistently study my bible. And one of the hardest I think...plan my weekly meals so I can spend less at grocery store and be less stressed when suppertime comes along.

  3. To take care of and help my loved ones, to consistently study and read my bible, to reach out and meet more people (and I did that today by starting my own blog), write my book, to work in my studio everyday..and the plan my meals so I don't spend too much at the grocery.
    There. That should keep me busy all year. :)


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