Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coming Back To "Life" in 2013

Hello + Hello
How are you all this 3rd day of the New Year?
I hope you are better off than I am.
Last post was on New Year's Eve afternoon....
...I was sadly unfortunate enough to get the tummy flu from my little boys.
As I was stirred awake by the fireworks going off around our home at
I had come for me.
It hasn't happened often that I've missed a
New Year's Eve,
but this was one of those years where we were all in bed by 9:30.
(if you know what a night owl I am, you know that this is unheard of!!!)
without dwelling on this too long....
I wanted to bring you a little bit of wintery goodness from some
from the last week or so.
I hope you are spared the crud this season.
( We even had flu shots!!)
it's back to my ginger-ale and
where I am trying to find follower #1400.
Will you come and join me over there?
I've been finding some great stuff lately,
adding some of my own things too!
Have a great weekend my friends...
stay healthy!
Instagram Photo Collage Above:
Cute mug I got from our employee & friend Colleen from
Sign is from our shop
Jewelry is in my very own bathroom.
Sweetie Pie Snowman Stepping Stone was made for me
by my talented big sister
La Von
(Also my business partner at Grandiflora)


  1. Oh Trisha, the stomach flu is just absolutely awful! The only thought that keeps me going during those spells is about all the weight I'm losing! ;-)
    You do realize that the flu shot only protects you from the actual flu and not the stomach one?
    Things can only get better from here! :-)

    1. Oh Marjan, thank-you. I didn't know that it didn't help with the stomach flu! Bummer!! But you are right, weight has been lost! LOL!! Hope you can escape the crud, I havn't had this for about 4 or 5 years I guess I was due. Praying the hubby is spared as the kids seem to be fine now.

      Have a great January my friend, you are always so good to me!

  2. oh no...not the dreaded stomach flu...I have been running from it for about a month! Just before Christmas our school was infested with stomach flu bugs...I am hoping that when we all go back on Monday everyone will the healthy.
    Take care and enjoy your pinterest thing I have not been able to get back too. Right now I am trying to go through the piles of unread magazines in my home. I always buy them and never have time to sit and enjoy.
    Happy Weekend dear one.


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