Sunday, January 6, 2013

Make Happy Hearts to Warm Your Winter Weary Soul DIY

Hello + Hello!
How have you been over the weekend?
I hope you are well?
I've been better than I was this past week...but still not great.
I tell you the stomach flu is really hanging on in our family...icky!
I was only gone from home for 2 hours but I was physically exhausted when I came home!!
The bad part was that I was mentally
I got some craft on!
If you are itching to make a little something fun this dreary winter, may I suggest these?
Here's the scoop.....they are super easy & you'll love it!

1. Grab some collapsed scrap cereal, pizza or granola bar boxes or similar light weight cardboard from the recycle bin.

2. Fold a piece in half and cut out "half" a heart on the fold. Unfold and lay flat.

3. Glue the heart to a piece of decorative vintage wallpaper with Mod Pod or watered down white school glue. ( Some of these wallpapers can be found at my shops on Etsy, at either Ollie Bollen or Wesley Asher by the yard if you are interested.)

4. If you plan to hang the hearts so you see both sides (like in a window etc.) just cover the backside the same way and allow to dry.

5. Last, punch holes in the top of the hearts and string with yarn or ribbons &'s that easy!

 I'm thinking of making more to give away....these just turned out too cute!
I must be gettin' my craft mojo back after this long flu.

Until next time my friends, 
.....lot's of love!!!

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