Monday, October 1, 2012

A Little Side of Mustard With Your Autumn

Hello + Hello!
Just wanted to drop in and say hi with a bit of happy color for your day!
I was SOOOOOO  excited to find this lovely vintage wallpaper recently.
It took me by storm how many folks seemed to like it on
Instagram as I said I had listed it in my
Etsy shop
The colors and pattern are so perfect for right now!
Not only is mustard a color of the moment, but for fall this would be great
in a frame, covering boxes or even wrapping a special wedding gift!
I have a few more yards for sale if it's something you desire.
Maybe I'll have to post a photo of what I did with the first yard off the roll
(which is inevitably tattered on vintage rolls because of handling and age).
Tomorrow....tomorrow.... I'll show you a little spruce up of my dining room ok?
I've felt like a seasonal shift for quite some time now...
and I finally had a hour or so the other day to myself to do it.
Stay tuned!

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