Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gatherings Magazine Now Available To Peruse!

Hello + Hello!
Just wanted to drop by to let you in on a little gem of a find today!
My good friend
has put out yet another great publication for your viewing pleasure...
is now available for you peruse with a lovely cup of tea and a treat.
No matter where you are at in your life just now...
I believe there will be something for you to enjoy in this sweet publication.
Please head on over to support my wonderful friend Heather
I don't think you'll regret it one eensy-teensy bit!
Some of you may recall I was blessed to be able to share my home in the
Spring issue of Gatherings.
If you're interested,
you can find it over
I hope you can enjoy your day with a little treat of a view to yourself.
Happy Autumn!

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