Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mustard: A Fresh New Look In My Dining Room!

 Hello + Hello!
As promised, I said I'd drop in and show you what I did with the lovely
(albeit tattered) end piece of
wallpaper roll I recently found and listed in my Etsy shop
Wesley Asher

 Gosh it's so lovely right?
Amazing mustard color!
it inspired me to do a little revamping in my dining room....which,
consequently is tied to my living room....but that is another blogpost!
I decided to use the end piece of paper for myself, and re-papered the fun
star that I found earlier this year while thrifting.
You might remember this past spring when I had a bunch of pinks in my dining room?

I decided to forgo the pink for fall...we'll see how long I can live without it?!
I've inserted quite a bit more mustard
of course,
I added orange

 I mean, c'mon....what is Fall without Pumpkins???
My sister (Carrie) was nice enough to give me a ton of sweet little pumpkins and gourds
(which I'll show you more of in a later post)
so I had lots of fun throwing them out all over the place!

 I guess if I want to actually serve something from my buffet....
I'll have to do a bit of rearranging!
 For now however, it's little home made meals for just my hubby, our two boys & I.
So, I can still use the dining table in it's small size.
 Sometimes I even use the table as a work bench...but I am trying my best to clear it off every night for dinner time together!
Above you see my day to night transition.
Soon it will be getting dark earlier, and we'll be eating soups and stews to stay warm at night.
I'll be happy to have the pinks gone & the cozy mustard yellows in place.
like I said...
....I'll have to come back and revisit the living room soon.
Don't you just love tweaking things in your home for a new season?
As much as I love fall....I have to say that the season I always look forward to the most
no rushing ahead right?!
Cheers my friends,
If you feel the need to have a little bit of this gorgeous mustard yellow
wallpaper to inspire your fall decor, just pop on over here!


  1. i love fall, and the color mustard warm on a cool day :) love your decor!

    1. Oh thanks so much Andrea! Hope you are well my friend!! :)

  2. I love the orange of the pumpkins combined with the teal. The mustard is added fun.

  3. YUMMO CHEERS to the color mustard

  4. I'm here from House of Turquoise. Your home is gorgeous! I'm so glad I found you AND I live in Arlington, so that's not far from Lynden! I'm just sayin'...Ü

    1. Hi Wendy! Nice to have you stop by! Thanks for the sweet compliment & you are very correct...Arlington isn't far away at all :)
      Cheers my new friend,
      : D


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