Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boredom & Banners

 Hello + Hello!
It feels so nice to be up and about again.
Last we spoke,
I was getting ready to have an
I am happy to report,
that it went over smashingly well!!!
(enter impending doom music here)
I ended up getting a super nasty cold just afterwards.
I tried my best to keep up with the simplistic demands of life,
and no further.
 However, in my:
"I'm free, but have no energy"
I reworked my Etsy banners;
I'm still tweaking them a bit here and there....
but for the most part it's really nice to see a change.
Right now I'm really trying to reimagine my
Emptied of its contents, it's looking a little sad at the moment.
I am trying to figure out which way to turn with it.
I know what I want it to be...but it takes more than 'want' to make it that way.
And so it goes.
Honestly it's so easy for me to get bored with the way things look.
Are you this way?
Or, can you stick with something for awhile?
In some ways it's a blessing to always have change,
and in other ways it's a curse.
I've much to catch up on, so I'm off again into the wild blue yonder.
Creativity in one hand and a heart for change in the other!
I hope you are well my friends!
Happy New Week!


  1. changing it up is a blessing and curse for sure! i love to change looks up, but i do tire of them easily. also, it creates a complete domino effect when i change things and take me way longer than i thought it would! love the new banners!!

  2. Hello Trisha, have been thinking of you ALL DAY TODAY. back in September i bought the little Fun Fringe Kit from you and decided to braid the yard with some fibers and thin strips of plastic grocery bag....just the other day i thot about it and went to get it out (to see how much i needed to finish), anyways its now pinned up on a crocheted tablecloth waiting for me. iam busy finishing up the re-doing of the side of my bed "night stand" area- its one of those things you really can't pre measure, you just got to take everything down and start fresh, three days is long enough!Trusting you have an awesome weekend.

  3. Good luck and God bless. Love the layout of your blog, so sweet. candy color is ♥

  4. I LOVE THIS PLACE! I just left a comment on Koralee's link to your ice cream social; I so wish I could visit you all! Happy and colorful is this place! Anita


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