Saturday, October 20, 2012

Candy & Pumpkins & Costumes OH MY!

Hello + Hello!
It's that time of the year again....
...the time we all like to get a bit spooked out!
I don't generally decorate for Halloween.
It's not been a big deal to me to have scary decor.
I'm more of a cute vintage Halloween lover...
happy pumpkin faces & little ones dressed up as cats & pumpkins.
Personally I don't like it when folks let their kids dress up like
creepy creatures or mass murderers.
Call me old fashioned that way....
I don't mind having a time to get dressed up like your favorite character or hero.
My boys are known to have fun dressing up like:
knights, cowboys or robots.
We normally head to our Church's Harvest Carnival
& afterwards....
to close friends and family homes.
It's never been about the super creepy stuff for us
(although I love a good mystery and a bit of a scary ghost story from time to time.)
but more about dressing up, playing games and eating treats with friends!
My favorites as a child were watching
"The Great Pumpkin" - Charlie Brown
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" -Disney
I always loved Ichabod Crane's character and that silly horse!
Well, in honor of a wholesome Halloween...
I've made a fun sign listing all the things I'd like to experience
around this time of the year.
I hope you like it,
if you would like one for yourself, you can find them at my shop
or online at my Etsy shop
It also comes in ghostly black and white!
I hope your costume planning and party going is just as fun as can be!


  1. got my harvest/autumn one this week...hoping you're going to do something for Christmas too?? Hint, hint!! ( I'm sure you're already all over it!)

    1. Well yes, now that you've mentioned it....I do have a little something in mind for the Holiday Season! ;) Stay tuned! & many thanks dearest Holly!


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