Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 More Project Decor Boards...A Fun & Brilliant New Site!

Hello + Hello!
I guess I've been having a little too much fun over at
lately....'s such a great way to take what's in my minds eye and put it onto a screen!
I have to admit,
I personally would also love a whole pile of vintage items to pick from on the site.
(as you know I love anything old!)
this is fun for starters!
Each room/vignette I design is just a
little starting point to what I'd further create with the space.
I think it's good to start somewhere with an idea of what you'd like to have...and grow from there.
Homes should always be changing and morphing with you.
If you are stuck in a rut with your decor....
then maybe it's time for you to hustle on over to
to get inspiration!
It's a mix of Pinterest & Designer Showrooms combined.
Although you can purchase the items available on the site, you don't have to....and the site is free.
I myself live on a budget which doesn't allow for me to purchase from this site.
I do however consider myself someone who can work with any budget to
"copy" the looks which I've created on the site.
So far I've been featuring either a piece of my artwork, a sign, or a photo from my own home to inspire my boards.
It has been a blast to upload items that I think would compliment my work in some special way.
I'm not thinking of redecorating on this large of a scale anytime soon...
but it's been fun and challenging to see what might spark my fancy for a future redo!
Whatever your budget,
I think you will agree that Project Decor is a fun way to
sample looks before you purchase a thing!

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  1. Oh me oh my...this does look fun...I am soooo tempted to click on the link button and go visit this site but I know I have to go make dinner soon and my family would be eating cereal for dinner and I would be glued to this computer for the rest of the night...hugs. xoxoxo


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