Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tristan's Medical News & a Fun Day Out With the Boys!

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Just wanted to stop in and give a quick update on my son Tristan...
Thanks so much to all of you who wished us well and sent prayers for myself and my two sons as we travelled to Seattle Children's Hospital yesterday.
My oldest son Tristan has a rare disease called Linear Schleroderma en coup de sabre.
We were told yesterday that although he must remain on
Methotrexate injections for at least another year
(low dose chemo, going on 4 years)
the medicine is doing it's job
and keeping the L.S. at bay.
Celebrating at D.Q. with his little brother Elliot for the good news on our way home from the hospital.

Rocking out in his classroom the other day as Student of the Week (thanks Mrs. Kok for the photo text!)
The damage that has been done to his face is still only superficial,
and therefore can be corrected with plastic surgery when he's fully grown around 21 or so.
( We pray that his chin, jaw, mouth, ear, esophagus, teeth etc... will not be affected, and that only the fatty fleshy tissues/skin will be involved in the lesion.)
We are so thankful to God
for protecting our son from the other possible ravages of Linear Schleroderma.
He is good!
On another note, we had a bunch of fun a weekend or two ago and headed to a really great
"childhood memory"
place from both Chad's and my memories.
is just as beautiful as ever!
We took the opportunity to share with our two boys the fun that is entitled:
What a blast from the past!

Chad and Tristan enjoying a spin around the lake.

Elliot and I racing down the home stretch to the dock...I think we won!
We loved
What a fun Autumn day out for us.
I am so thankful for living in such a wonderful piece of the country where beauty like this is still relatively unspoiled.
I really appreciate your stopping by...
Most importantly,
many thanks to all of you who have encouraged and supported me in my
creative endeavors
(which in turn pay for Tristan's medical expenses in a very real way).
Again I feel so blessed to be able to use my
God given talents to assist in
earning a living for my
little guys.
Thanks again,
you are appreciated
my friends!


  1. glad to hear of your sons good news :)
    looks like you got to have a fun day as well! i love paddle boats-and the lake looks so pretty!

  2. Very good news about Tristan. I'm so happy to hear that the chemo is working and that he should be ok after further treatment. Both boys look like they were having a wonderful too! Looks like the weather was just glorious.


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