Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What Inspired My Spring Market Report in Gatherings Magazine?

Hello + Hello!
I am so excited to announce the release of
This is by far the best issue yet!
The other contributors and I were all given creative license to be inspired by
whomever/whatever we wanted!
What great fun!
( Heather Spriggs Thompson is the best editor ever!)
Immediately I knew who I would be
inspired by...
my fellow contributor & friend
I think it's easy to see how talented she is
from this sweet watercolor print that she blessed me with
upon completing a lovely photo shoot at my home.
(You can get your own copy too, just find it on her blog side bar.)
I'm guessing you'll be able to see the correlation
between Annetta's piece nestled in my story board
my final market report
(arranged by none other than the uber talented
So, if you are a big fan of beauty...
love flowers, enjoy creating an inspirational home
well...anything in between?
head over to
and get your copy!
As a fun little perk for you my blog friends....
Simply enter code
at checkout
receive 10% off your issue!
Happy Reading!

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  1. I'm still speechless at having your beautiful Spring Market Report inspired by my bow tie watercolor. It's an honor because I look up to you and I am so humbled. I'm also happy that my little piece of work inspired you, which is my heart. Thank you friend, you are amazing!


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