Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vintage Wallpaper Cubby Shelf DIY Tutorial

Hello + Hello!
I had a little too much fun this past weekend
working with a thrifted cubby shelf I found recently.
Some of you may know that I sell vintage wallpapers in two of my Etsy shops:
Sometimes when I'm working with these beauties
I end up with tiny scraps.
These scraps somehow find their way into a scrap bin
(of which I've recently become very aware of it's fullness)
and I try to do something famously cute with them.
I had honestly thought of selling this little cubby shelf...
after much thought...
I believe I'll keep it just for me!
I will however,
be searching the world over for more of these sweet little cubbies
in the hopes of using more delicious little
paper scraps!
Want a simple tutorial?
Find and clean a painted cubby shelf.
Accumulate scraps of paper.
(preferably wallpaper as it holds up to decoupage well)
Procure a bottle of Matte Mod Pod & water it down a bit,
Mix your own with one part white interior glue to one part water
( It will appear too watery...but no will work perfectly!)
Measure your cubbies
cut paper scrap accordingly.
Working one cubby at a time use a paint brush to "paint" glue onto back of shelf.
Adhere paper & immediately "paint" another layer of glue onto paper,
whilst smoothing out bubbles.
Check a few times for developing bubbles in paper, and smooth out.
Let dry until paper no longer appears wet/dark.
Enjoy your new wall decor!

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