Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hooked on Knitting Needles & Hairbrained Ideas

Hello + Hello!
to be able to get back to the things I love to do in my free time!!!
I feel as if I've been working at the shop SO MUCH lately
 that I could not spend any time in my new studio.
As much as I ADORE our shop....
it is often quite nice to get back to my studio space and truly
excercise my completely individual style.
This weekend I was able to do just that...excercise creatively!
I am excited to announce I have a few new creations now living in my
shop on Etsy today!
Welcome to my newest hairbrained idea:
retro knitting needles as wall hooks.
I mean really...why not???
I love them this way
(especially since I don't knit!)
Collecting knitting needles has been something I've done for what seems like ages!
I've always wanted to do something other than knit with them, so here is yet another
crazy idea spawned from my creativity starved mind.
Each little wall hook creation is like a tiny canvas of creativity
made from completely vintage,retro or salvaged goods.
How fun it was to design each piece from my stash of  fabrics and trims,
honestly how difficult it was to bend the needles, prep the lumber and install the hangers etc....
Even if they were a fair amount of work to complete....I enjoyed every minute of it!
If you are interested in purchasing one of these cuties for yourself,
just head to my shop
to get a closer look.
Hope this inspires you to get creative sooner....rather than later my friends.

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