Saturday, November 17, 2012

Advent Calendar Class at Grandiflora

 Hello + Hello!
How's everything going?
I hope well!
I've been trying to get back to doing some normal things since spending the last few weeks engrossed in everything going on at our shop
here in Lynden, Washington.
I did however...
have to show you this one thing we have going on there....
at the shop.
It's an 
Advent Calendar Class
I created from an inspiration found over here on
my Pinterest Christmas board.
( Sorry, the link doesn't connect through...if you know who to credit, I'd love to know!)
 This was such a fun project to create!
Time consuming...but fun!
My hubby was kind enough to cut all the lumber
I had a good time coming up with all the decorative aspects.
what about you?
Do you have an Advent Calendar at your house?
We have two...and my little boys
It's always a great reminder to me
to count down to the night when
Saviour Jesus Christ was born....
the REAL reason for this blessed season.
If you're local, I'd love for you to
come on in to the shop and sign up for this great class!
You can find out all the details over
Update: Class is now closed, sorry.


  1. Hi!! We did have an advent calendar but as the children grew up, it just wasn't fun any more. So, when the grands and great grands came along, I had the duplicate it so they all had one. And they all love them dearly,


  2. Love this advent calendar - looks very Scandinavian! Lovely! Ingrid xx


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