Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When You Own A Home Decor Shop: AT CHRISTMAS!

 Hello + Hello!
Just wanted to drop in and say
 I havn't had the time to be here blogging very much this past month.
Instead of making excuses for my absence.....
I figured it would be best to let some of the
photos I snapped of our shop
(my mom & sister and I own a shop called
do all the talking for me:

all that being left unsaid...
I am assuming that you can decipher for yourself what I've been up to?
Two floors, 4,000 square feet & 5 wonderful employees and various extra helpers.'s been a little crazy!
But good crazy.
Hope those of you who happen to be local can join us
November 15th from 11AM- 8PM
for our 13th annual
Anniversary Sale and Holiday Open House!
Cheers my dears!


  1. Trisha - Your shop looks darling. Wish I was closer so I could come visit. All of your Christmas items look so festive. The big ornaments that are hanging with the doilies on them, are they just decor? So cute.


    1. Hi Judy! So nice to have you here :) The large embroidery hoops are actually for sale at the shop...I must admit that I made them myself...but might be too shy to admit that in front of others at the shop ;) they are made with vintage wool blankets which have been felted with the addition of vintage doilies etc... I love "Swatch Walls" and therefore am making all sorts of funky hoops filled with odd little details. I highly recommend giving them a's so much fun!

  2. Everything looks stunning, as usual! I had SO MUCH FUN helping out...thanks so much for including me. I'm volunteering myself for next year if you need it!
    Looking forward to tomorrow. Have to work til 1:30, but hopefully there will be a few things left!
    See ya!

    1. Dearest Miss Holly, you were a saving grace to each of us!!! We appreciated having you help us out in our dire need of a fresh eye and a happy smiling face. It's always nice to work with someone who has a fresh perspective. Your joy was contagious...and for that I'm greatful. Your trees turned out beautiful... and I hope that you DO decide to come an help us again! Hugs! T. :)


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