Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On the Bright Side of Sick

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How is your Spring going? Are you feeling inspired? I know I am! My garden hasn't looked this good in a few years!

However... On dreary days, I've been working on some new decor in my living room & dining room. Since I've been collecting purple toned items over the past year or so... I decided to give Radiant Orchid a try. 

Yesterday I woke up with a terrible stomach flu & today I'm feeling a bit better. Sadly I'm not 100% yet...so instead of working on projects...I decided to share a few photos here hoping to keep myself motivated to complete the projects at hand (once I'm back to normal of course). Thankfully it's only about a 48 hour flu; it seems like it's going around our whole county. I'm praying my hubby & kids don't end up with it.

So, for now my vases will remain unfilled, lacking the pretty lilacs I see outside my window. But I'm thankful for the beautiful view & tantalizing carrot of future possibilities dangling right in front of me. 

I believe it's quite possible that the good Lord allows us to be sick from time to time so we may appreciate a life spent working. I know I'd much rather be toiling away at something than sitting in a corner with a topsy-turvy feeling in my tummy! 

Stay healthy my friends! 

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