Friday, March 12, 2010

Moving on to Other Things...

Well, the earrings are done. The bunting is being sewn up; it's not ready for pictures yet. I'm cataloging and pricing all the vintage pieces that are being prepped for the show. And I'm moving on to the next hurdle of assignments, making cards. I love working with paper. There are so many kinds. I also love working with vintage goods. I enjoy more than anything else....working with vintage paper! How fun to mix the two together! Well, that's what you're seeing here.
Also, here are some fun vintage finds photographed against paper. Quirky I know, but really fun just the same. Don't you just love going junking? You never know what you might find!
Well, I know this is a bit of a random post...but that is how my life feels at the moment. I have so many balls up in the air....I don't want to drop any one of them. I am having a blast though!!! It is so fun to love what you do....and do what you love!

Well, I'm off to play with my paper....and vintage....and....well who knows what else I'll come up with! The one thing I do know is that I'll take my trusty camera along with me so you can enjoy the ride too!

Cheers! Trish :o)

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  1. Crazy week - here we come! I look forward to helping you keep those balls up in the air! Can't wait to see all the great stuff you and Lavon bring to the show!!!


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