Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Pictureless Post??? GASP!!!!

O.K. it's true. This is it folks. You won't often see a post done by me without a photo of some sorts! I am SWAMPED right now with all that needs doing....but I simply HAD to post! You won't believe all the super cuteness that I've been working with today....I simply didn't have time to photograph it all! I will let you in on this however....The WCC Spring Craft and Antique show is coming soon to the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds here in Lynden Washington which is nicely situated between Seattle and Vancouver B.C. If you are ANYWHERE close to us...I recommend stopping by the show. Say Hi to me at our Grandiflora Booth, get a little perk for stopping by and then head on over to our shop for some of the best selections on home and garden decor around! We love the show....and know you will too! Show some support, find some cute things, and have fun with your gal pals! Need more info?

WCC Spring Craft and Antique show: March 18th-20th Thurs. 10-8 Fri. 10-8 and Sat. 10-5. Go check out our Grandiflora Blog at http://www.grandiflorahomeandgarden.blogspot.com/ to find out more!!!! Sorry about the no photo thing....OK, you've convinced me and are whining now....here you go....one little picture....one RANDOM little picture just for you:
Remember... SPRING Craft and Antique Show!!!
Back soon with more to come.....

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