Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Storage Unit...Show Fodder...Coming Soon!!!

Happy Day! We are setting up for the big days! As you've been reading, we are working our little tails off to make our booth at the WCC Spring Craft and Antique show FABULOUS! Here are a few teasers of items at our storage unit just waiting to be displayed with....
These are the raw bones....just a sneak peek if you will. We have lots of other pieces in the works with some upholstery and of course many small items to fill all the shelving!!!!
I should mention of course, that the store is already filled to the gills with alot of fun items just waiting for you to come and shop from....
Hope I've got your curiosity kitty-catted out! Stay tuned for more in the continuing saga........ Cheers! Trish :o)
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