Thursday, March 18, 2010

A pat on the back goes such a long way!

Gathering Spriggs is such a wonderful's one I enjoy heading on over to myself when I have the time to just sit and peruse. Heather is so very talented....and sweet! She was so kind as to blog about me and my random craftyness. I am feeling so blessed by this myself, that I figured it might be nice to share with those of you who know how much I love what I do. So please check it out if you've got the chance, and give Heather a shout out too! She has a wonderful gift for blogging....I think she deserves a little blog lovin' and a pat on the back too! As a matter of fact....I challenge you to find a blogger who deserves a little blog lovin' and go pat them on the back as well! Maybe we will start a wildfire accross the blogosphere a "Random acts of kindness" if you will. Being nice is just so nice isn't it?

Trish :o)

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