Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Thanks for visiting! Just trying to get a handle on all that blogging has to offer. Hope you are enjoying my posts so far. Once I can concentrate on Craft/Interior Design information, and not blog set up, you will enjoy them even more!
Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of my studio "before" coming soon. I kicked my husband out of our office space because business was getting too big for me to ignore it any longer (sorry honey). This has stirred up the "yucky" mess that always comes with too many art supplies, and not enough brain cells that understand how to store them! I am committed now however...I painted one wall, and am moving through the room slowly. Too slowly if you ask me! That's why I need to take pictures of the before to embarrass myself enough to want to get it done!
Oh well, I digress...I'll keep you posted soon!

Hang in there, I'm determined to make this great!!!


Trish :-)

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  1. I know someone who would love to come help you organize - I hear she's kind of OCD!! :-)


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