Monday, June 29, 2009

Ahhh June!

I know June is almost over....I've had a VERY STRESSFUL I'm sorry for not posting! I am just here to post a few snaps I've taken this past month. Once in awhile we just need to do something for ourselves that makes no difference to anyone else but us. Here they roses have done really well this June, and I'm just here to brag about them! I pick them as they're about to fade and turn them into the most sublime dried botanical mixtures. I mix them up with dried lavender from my garden, sweet woodruff, pineapple mint, and hardy geranium. I then use a few drops of essential oil and make little sachets that I use for tub tea. It's the only way I can cope through some of the stresses in my little life! Things are going a bit more smoothly now...or maybe it's just that I've gotten used to being stressed to the max...not sure which....but the tub tea helps. Maybe you should try it too! I think I'll be listing some of these soon on etsy....the roses and lavender are truly in abundance this year!!! Looking forward to an even better July!!!

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  1. Trisha I am so sorry you have been stressed. If there is anything I can do please give me a call. We never did have that dinner date we where going to have before I left the store, we should do that if you have the time and just need to get out some evening!


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