Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daydreaming in the Heat Wave...

Well, the heat wave here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest wages on....100+ degree weather for the last few days, with today being the hottest of them all. It should break some serious records! I decided not to venture out into it today, and instead took a few little shots of some fun little artwork I have around the house. I found this little plaque so long ago....I don't even remember where I got it from! I just dearly want to be this little house looks cooler there! Doesn't the romantic in you want to live in a thatched cottage in the country side? Feed chickens, pick flowers, and bake fabulous bread? I have to sounds pretty good to me. I know I'm idealizing it would've been so much work to live back then....but at least my life would've been simpler, don't you think? Well, for now I can look at this little picture and use my ever lovin' imagination to conjure up wildflower boquets in mason jars, down quilts on a feather bed, and chicks pecking out in the yard. Maybe I'll have to figure out a way to bake a cobbler in the BBQ to get that home baked fix....without having to heat up the 80 degree house any further!
So, Since I just can't bear going out today...I thought I'd leave you all with a little indoor fauna...I think we will be staying inside until about 8:30 tonight when it should cool down to 85 degrees. That is when I'll be laying in the kiddie pool with my hubby after the little kiddies are in their beds. Praise the Lord for fans and portable air conditioners. Hope this weekend gives us a repreave from the heat, I'm just a wimp in any weather over 85 degrees...I was raised in the Pacific Northwest, and my favorite weather months are May, and mornings, hot afternoons, and cool that, I can live with. I know, I know, I'm a weanie! Now, back to this indoor fauna...isn't this a sweet little painting? I found this at a local thrift shop, tore it out of it's hideous frame and hung the canvas in my back porch. Some day (when I ever have it clean enough) I'll photograph my charming little back entry. It's fun, with whimsical colors and funny little collections. Frankly, for's too bloomin' HOT back there to even try....I may swoon from the humidity. Don't tell my poor husband who's working in this heat...but I think I will be kickin' back and makin' cards today; I also forsee play-doh in my near future. It's all more interesting than sun burn and heat rash! Hope you can keep cool today! Cheers!

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