Thursday, July 23, 2009

My oldest son Tristan participated in a really cool craft show at our local library this morning. I have been helping him make Yo-Yo balloons, Spongee Flyers, Matchbook Notebooks, Forever Flowers, and Paper Garland Kits for the last month or so. He is such a trooper, and enjoys being was the perfect thing for him to do since he's had to be inside alot the last month for his newly diagnosed disease Linear Schleroderma. He is hoping they will do another Craft show during the Holidays. We will be on the lookout for fun new the mean time, here is a glimpse into our day today.

A natural born salesman...Tristan walked around with a money bag attatched to his belt, a sign on the front of his shirt saying " I give 10% of all my sales to the Lighthouse Mission" and a sign on his back saying "Boys can craft too!" He shared his booth with his cousin Carter who made all the fun little stepping stones....they were a total hit!

Candy skewered on a stick is always a hit with kids...Elliot gobbled his up lickety-split!

Origami is COOL!!! The candy on a stick deserved a repeat performance....we're saving this one for daddy....we'll see if it lasts.

As with any type of kid's sale we ended up spending near as much as we made...but the memories are priceless! One of the best loved purchases was the makes wonderfully fabulous indescribable noises when squished! The giggles are contagious!

I'm just hoping this gooey gunk doesn't end up in my carpet!!!

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  1. I totally missed this... Such a cute idea!

    I hope they have one for the holidays too.


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