Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Greens, Fresh Greens....

Green is a fascinating color. It has so many forms. I spent a bit of time in my yard the other day snapping some shots of green in my garden....I had to stop because I ran out of time! I have more green in my garden than any other color! I guess this is not surprising....but just think of how MANY colors of green there are!!! I've tried to do a "Green and White" garden on the North side of my cottage bungalow, and some of the shots are from there...but I wandered further into other areas and just kept snapping....I even realized that my pond water was green....maybe this is something I shouldn't be proud of.....hmmmm.....

More lovely greens here...I must say that I love the color green. We have a green metal roof, so that dictates much of what we do in the yard. We have half a green husband is not so fond of staining fences as he is building them...that's another post is one of those colors that just truly "goes" with everything! And most importantly...if you get alot of it, you feel as if you're transported to a secret garden is no secret...but I do love to hide out in it, especially on my little sunken patio at night with a glass of something lovely, a fire, and my hubby. Ahhhh, bliss....

And last but not least, the Green Machine. This is the green item that keeps everything green; even the green dandelions in the foreground. The Green Machine shows no favor, nor does it reject any green thing from it's lovely H2O. It even comes from a green hose! Fancy that! This however is the only Green tractor I'm allowed to have in my home...the reasons are clear here...but if you don't know my family history this could boggle you...let's just say that the proper color for a tractor in a field should obviously be RED. Hmmmmmm red....not a color I allow in my garden....or even in my home.....could that be because I was raised around too much red??? Oh....I take that back, I do have Red at Christmas time, but hey let's not rush it shall we? For now, it's just all about enjoying that which is left that is green as the sun burns down on us. Looks like we'll have a bit of Rain this weekend, so more green it is. I suppose that's why they call us the Evergreen state...although half of the state is a desert....hmmmm....we'll that's another post!

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  1. 1. Great pics
    2. I need an invite to your patio
    3. BLUE is the correct color for a tractor!!:-)


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