Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Absolute Favorite Gift....

I recieved this little gem from my Kindergartener ( Tristan Wesley age 6 ) for Christmas. Since I am a freak anyway about crafts....and the fact that this is from my little man....well it just about sums up why it's my favorite gift this Christmas! We were very blessed this Christmas with beautiful sunny weather, a lovely Church service reminding us why we do all this hulabaloo anyway....and most anticipated of all, gathering with family to celebrate!!!

There was great food ( too much!!! ) and wonderful gifted toys to both of the boys. They received things that they must work at like puzzles, games, scientific exploration toys, and lots of outdoor stuff like bows and arrows (seriously....real ones!!! Watch out neighbors....your cats are unsafe from here on out if they are in the Brink yard!!! We'd never shoot a dog, so no worries there. ) They were also promised a tree house complete with a Twizzler swing, rope ladder, and pulley system for hoisting up booty! They will be enjoying these gifts for years to come. I'm so happy we steared clear (mostly) from all the plastic-y stuff this year.

Well, the Christmas decorations are down here and so I'm organizing!!! One baby step at a time...but I'm trying to get my kitchen in order for the new Miele dishwasher we have coming in soon (since our 10 year old Bosch died in the tree falling-see previous posts). Once I started in the kitchen it made me look at the rest of the house and realize we are living in a disorganized pit! I am so embarassed at how my dining room looks at the moment....don't come over here...I won't let you in the door! I have so much work ahead of me with all this crafty stuff that is still trying to find a home. Oh well, baby steps....little ones....I'll be uploading more photos of that soon....I hope!

Until then, enjoy all the New Year season has to me a favor, don't get depressed; it's just not worth your time. Instead, clean your kitchen, light a candle, make a pot of homeade soup, open a bottle of wine and eat crusty bread. This month called January is SUPPOSED to be this way. Enjoy the break....busyness will start again sooner than you think!
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