Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome to my Home...

Was just outside clicking some photos on this sunny day, after Elliot and I walked Tristan to school. I thought I'd take a shot of my front porch to share with you all. My house is NOT fancy, immaculately clean, or even organized on most days ( as I'm truly one of those "Creative Types" ) I have been known to move things out onto this porch to redecorate, refinish, or renovate....and haphazardly leave it there for a few months! If you were to drive by right now, you'd see an antique 5 drawer dresser just hanging out kitty-wampus waiting for a new paint job and drawer pulls. Thankfully my hubby is a very patient man about these things...he knows I have the best intentions...but the worst time schedule for completing things!
Well, if you'd like to spend a little time looking into my home, then you can click my Flickr button on this blog and go look at "My Home" set of photos. I was clicking photos the other day for a spot that Etsy's blog will feature this Sunday the 21st of February on my home....and I was thinking. Gee, if I could just keep this place as organized as it apprears in the photos....I'd be doing REALLY good. Alas, I must admit that it will never happen for more than a few days at a time, as I'm always starting something new, changing things, and having Nerf Dart wars with my boys and Chad! I mean who doesn't love a good soft dart war once in awhile???
So, until I can afford a personal assistant/maid.....I will live in kooky crafty chaos. I am trying to work on completing my studio/ guess what...if you're driving by and you see my porch laden with boxes, a sewing machine, and piles of fabric; just honk and yell some encouraging words to this creative crafty mamma. I will be needing them! I wish Martha did pro-bono work for underpriviledged crafters!


  1. if I yell from here will you hear me? (hollers HELLO and waves)

  2. Hey you!!! I'm listening!!! Thanks for the nod from over yonder!!! :o) I appreciate it!

  3. You'd probably hear me yell!! I'm in your little town all the's so beautiful and inspiring!


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