Monday, March 22, 2010

March Challenge-Interior Styling on Flickr

Just havin' a little chill out time today. Had some fun messin' around with the camera and some of the fun finds I found recently out thrifting. The goal was to take a favorite chair set it against the wall and stack it high with some of my favorite things. Well, I love my sewing boxes filled with my beading goodies....they are turquoise after all. I also love things with Asian influences. I found this lovely doll figurine recently with these really great tea tins. The old advertisement wall hanging actually belongs to a friend who has asked me to find the value of this and two more whole sets dating to the late 60's. I didn't put anything on the floor as the heat register does a good job of being interesting all in sons and my dog love to lay on the carpet in front of it on cold winter it's a favorite too! If you haven't found the Interior Styling Group over on Flickr yet ( headed by Holly over at decor8) then you'd better take the time to visit....I LOVE it....and I know you would too!

Well, I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was insanely busy!!! It was all good though. ( unless I count the part where I fell down my steps and gave myself a HUGE bruise and NEARLY a broken tail bone!!!) It is my hubby's 39th Birthday I need to get cracking on making it a good one. Better sign off....see you back here again soon!
Trish :O)
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  1. I so enjoyed visiting with you and your sis at the show. LOVE your style and colors. I'm so inspired. And, Judy and I thought you should have taken first prize for your booth. It was the BEST.

  2. Hi Linda!!! Thanks so much for your sweet comments! It was also so much fun to meet you and chat at the show. I am so pleased to say that I had many great blog buddies, fellow etsy sellers, and some flickr friends come to the show to say hello. Thanks to all for supporting me and Grandiflora, it is truly appreciated!!!


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