Monday, March 29, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Well, how ya'll doin? I was messing around with my camera this weekend, and had fun stylin' a little set of my daily morning rituals. This photo is of my new contacts and case ( I'm still learning to live with contacts!) my vitamins...C, D, Iron, B complex, and Cranberry ( my evening ones are different), and a bit of vintage bling.  I love how even everyday objects can be pretty.

As I said, I was just messing around with the camera...but I like how this composition turned out. It isn't often that I can get a chance to just "play" with styling and a photography...but I love to do it just the same!

Please check out my most recent posts to hear all about two very amazingly talented ladies out in blog land who are so in tune with design, and creativity....I think you will really enjoy checking out what they are up to!

Thanks again for being such lovely blog buddies, I really appreciate all your comments...keep them coming!
Trish :o)

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  1. Of course you stylize your morning ritual! If you style your shopping cart, why wouldn't you do this too!! :-) You go girlfriend on the vitamins - I take nada - this should probably change!!!


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