Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update: Life Happens.

Just a little update quicky: This week has been ruled mostly by getting ready for the Craft and Antique Show we have coming up for Grandiflora....and I'll be posting more of those types of photos soon! I've also spent two days hanging out with my little sweetie pies Tristan and Elliot. Today was Elliots first visit to the dentist! He did great!!!! YAY!!! Look at how happy he is...and he and his big brother got to wear really goofy glasses! Most importantly: NO CAVITIES! DOUBLE YAYAY for my pocket book! :o) On Monday we went to Children's Hospital for Tristan's Physical and Ocupational Therapy. His Schleroderma is looking good for now....but apparently he has a very weak muscle in his left hip. We are praying that it is just a random thing and not something tied to this mysterious disease called Schleroderma. He's got lots of excercises to do. The pressure is on....I always claim I don't have time in my schedule to excercise myself....will I have time to do it for him??? Of course! I'm such a hypocrite! :o)

Well, stay tuned for more....Must get a little shut eye now, I'm up far too late! Have a good one, and see you back here soon. Cheers, T.
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  1. Wish I could wear fun glasses at the dentist's office!! Being an adult is NO FUN!! You're such a good mommy - treasure the moments Trishie Poo!


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