Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Trip Back in Time.....

Just thought I'd share a little snippet from a book I found out thrifting the other I'm sure for many of you this will spur on favorite childhood memories. Sometimes we get so "grown-up" that we forget to have that wonder we used to have from childhood. Published in 1969 this looks like many of the books we had laying around as I was growing up. My sisters were born in 1963 and when I came along in...*GASP*....1973 I was reading books like this way into the late 70's and early 80's. I'm sure this book was an instant classic. It is "A Child's Book of Poems" published by Grosset and Dunlap, and illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa....I'm lovin Gyo...what an artist! Obviously pulling from the style of the times...this book is filled with lovely illustrative designs of children and all their dreamy imaginative adventures. Poems line every page from Keats to Longfellow, the Bible to Japanese proverbs. I love them all! What a great find I have....and I plan on using it with my little boys.

Speaking of little boys....please continue to think of and pray for my good friend ( and employee ) Janice's son Nathan (who is actually 21...but still Janice's little boy). He has a bare minimum of 9 days left of surgeries and treatments before he can go to a care center or his home with full time care. We love those little boys don't we??? No matter what they it motorcycle crashes....or falling out of trees (like mine just did-thankfully no major damage done!) we will care for them, mend their bandages, and try to administer the salve that is a motherly duty...and honor. If you notice in the bottom right corner there is a boy with a fishing pole and a is the poem for boys....just because I felt like it.

A Boy's Song

Where the pools are bright and deep,
Where the gray trout lies asleep,
Up the river, and over the lea,
That's the way for Billy and me.

Where the blackbird sings the latest,
Where the hawthorne blooms the sweetest,
Where the nestlings chirp and flee,
That's the way for Billy and me.

Where the mowers mow the cleanest,
Where the hay lies thick and greenest;
There to trace the homeward bee,
That's the way for Billy and me.

Where the hazel bank is steepest,
Where the shadow falls the deepest,
Where the clustering nuts fall free,
That's the way for Billy and me.

James Hogg

Notice it's the steepest bank and the deepest shadows??? I guess it's natural for boys to crave danger. Well, we wouldn't love our men as much if that wasn't the way they were built! :)

Hope you are having a great day!!!
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  1. I LOVE Gyo Fujikawa's books. I came along in the late 60's and her books were and are still some of my very favorites.

  2. You know Gyo? Hee hee....that rhymes! :o)'s a little late...and I'm giddy! I CAN'T believe that you actually might recognize this. How cool is that??? I'm so thrilled to know that I'm not the only one who thinks these illustrations are just wonderful. I will keep my eyes peeled from now on for more of these wonderful books! The list for Gyo is as follows:
    A Child's Garden of Verses
    The Night Before Christmas
    Baby Animals
    Mother Goose
    and my
    A Child's Book of Poems

    Thanks for've made my day!
    Cheers my dear!
    Trish :)


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