Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Been off Playing for Elliot's 4th Birthday...doing a fun Photo Shoot!

Hey all! Sorry I've been delinquent for a few days here on the blog. We've been partying for Elliot's 4th Birthday all weekend! I needed a break from all the "decorating and online work" I've been doing this past week. SO, I hope you understand. :)
It is Elliot's Birthday today...so I just wanted to put this out there...we love you little Elliot, you are such a little comedian...and our life is brighter with you in it! Praise the Lord for giving you to us; we don't deserve you my little precious one. May you grow to a ripe old age loving your Heavenly Father for the rest of your days. Keep smiling and cracking us up...Happy Birthday to you!

I took off on Friday to do a fun little "Photo Shoot" of our two little boys...we had a blast at my mom and dad's place. First we had a picnic...I'll admit...it involved Mc Donald's and Hot Wheels cars! :) Hey, you can't do it all....or they start to call you Martha! :)

This is Tristan (6) and he picked out all the "props" I helped with the styling and photography...I think it turned out toooooo cute...but of course I'm biased! It was so fun to work "with" my sons for a change...they are so much fun!

Well, I hope you don't mind sharing in this little celebration. I believe that family comes first. SO, hug your loved ones today...they deserve to know how you feel about them every day of the year....not just on birthdays. I will be back with you soon  chatting about paint colors and the like...so stay tuned!

So, off to celebrate a bit more with Elliot...he's a little monkey! If you'd like to see more please feel free to go and visit my flickr site ( link on my blog page at top right) maybe you could be inspired to get out and do a little photo shoot of your own! :)

Cheers to you all! Especially to our new visitors...we are so happy to have you here with us!!! :)

Trish :)

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