Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Moms' Random Ponderings...

Isn't it great being a mom? Well, I's lots of work too. But really...I never thought I wanted kids; in fact I swore I'd never have kids! Wow, what was I thinking? I love having kids! As selfish of a person as I can be....I actually love to spend time with my kids. Just a note: they never tell you how much fun it is to be a parent....I love that I get to be a kid all over again while being a parent! I adore that I can be silly and wild with my boys! Yeah, I'm pretty doggone responsible too....but there are those magic moments where I just get to yell " Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!!!" just to hear my echo...and throw stuff at stuff just to see it splat!!! I get to look at bugs in jars, watch beans sprout, and wonder why you never see baby crows?!?!?! Finding treasure buried in the yard, licking chocolate cake batter off of the spatula, and sneaking whoopee cushions onto peoples' chairs are all favorites of mine!!!  :o)

Being a mom is a gift. It is also a TON of responsibility. However the fun far outweighs the yucky parts...and you're so overwhelmed with love for your kiddos that cleaning barf outta the carpet is just another day to chalk up to...well...a great story to gross others out about later! :o)
Tee hee hee!

Seriously though....I hope you can enjoy your Mother's Day weekend. I'm enjoying the gift of "me" time right now! The boys are off in the wilderness looking for "sheds" meaning "shed antlers" of Elk, deer, and anything else that may have antlers around here! Ahhhhh the peace and quiet....I'm not sure what to do with myself! Well, I just wanted to say hello and happy weekend....Enjoy my friends. I'll be back with more lovely photos for you soon....I just found some more lovelies out junkin' the other day....and they are callin' my name!

Oh yes, one last thing....when you're a mom...sometimes you need to go outside and pull your Fox Terrier off of the baby Opossum that happens to wander into your yard so you can take photos of your sons and husband in the back yard in their pj's. Yes, this happened last night....Random? Yes. Reality? OH YEAH! You never know what randomness awaits for you at every turn when you're a mommy! :o)

Trish :o)


  1. Yes, being a mom is the greatest. I think harder than anyone lets on, but just the best. Amazing photo of the baby possum. Where was its mom?

  2. I too never thought I would or could have a baby, but God as usual surprised us all! :)
    She's my dream daughter and I love her so much.
    Tonight she made her famous (to her) barbecue sauce for her Daddy's ribs that he'll be grilling tomorrow! Yumm.

    I love being called Mom.

    Happy Mother's Day to you....and to all.

  3. Well, we are not sure where the mommy Opossum was at. Sadly...likely hit by a car somewhere. We let the little guy find his way back under the fence from whence he came. Our dog was out there for hours pacing back and forth whining! I just hope that the bite she first gave it didn't do any harm....oh well, such is the circle of life.

    I hope you are all having the best weekends...thanks so much for sharing a moment of it with me! :)


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