Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walking on Sunshine!

 Summer Line Up by Trisha Brink Design on Flickr

Cheers all! How are you today? I hope you are well. I went shopping awhile back and found some lovely inexpensive shoes to cheer up my wardrobe for summer. I've been wearing the two pairs of sneakers for awhile now and everywhere I go women exclaim "I LOVE YOUR SHOES!!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THEM???"  So I thought, well.....why not capture them with the camera. As you know it's always fun for me to challenge myself!! Here we go! I love the way the photo turned if when wearing these shoes...I'll be walking on sunshine.  I hope you too will be able to find something inexpensive and lovely to brighten your wardrobe this season. Want a big tip? Target baby, Target. 

Find any great deals lately on lovely clothing or accessories? Comment here to share your tips....we'd all love to hear about it!

Happy Day to you All!
Trish :o)


  1. I was in downtown San Diego last week when a woman stopped me to ask where I had gotten my shoes. Sole Obsession in Lynden, shoppin' local!
    I love shoes, especially summer time shoes.

  2. Cute photo idea! I like to wear a skirt or dress a few times during summer weather. That's the only time I'll "dress up." (I won't wear tights unless I have to.) There are some cute summery clothes at 2nd Chance Thrift Store in Lynden.

  3. Hi Trisha
    Playing a bit of catch up here on the posts but feel I had to share my recent hallelujah shopping trip!!!! :)
    A new clothing thrift boutique opened up and I happened up on it the other day! I bought a bunch of skirts....all $4 each!! A couple still had the original price tag on it...a lot more than $4 I promise!! Got some cute summery tops too!! Oh and all the shoes are $2.
    Well, the next day my Mother wanted to go.
    And the third day my daughter wanted to visit as well. She's 14 and finding her own style. Ahem. We ALL found wonderful things and made FABULOUS deals...but needless to say, I need to wait another couple of weeks before I go back. hee hee. ;)
    Don't love when that sort of surprise happens???

  4. Oh what lovely ideas for shopping!!! I've gotten some great things thrifting too!!! Unfortunately since I'm soooo tall, I can't find such great finds in Thrift stores for kindof sucks :(

    I would love to shop local for clothes...but it just isn't local. Tall is great for the most part...but not when shopping for jeans and long sleaved shirts!!!

    Tami, I like shopping for Keens at Sole Obsessions! $$$ but worth every penny!

    Melanie, I wish they were open on days I didn't work!!! Oh well, lots of great things for everyone else to find...such a great cause!

    Jennifer, I'm jealous....sounds like a really fun shop!!!


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