Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farm Chick Chic...Oooh La La!!!

Well, hello again! I know, I're just bored to death with all this Farm Chicks stuff right??? .......wha......huh......????  No???? Not really??? WELLLLLLLL.....then I'll share a few more lovelies from the show with you....since you're thirsty for more! :o)
Get a good look at this lovely custom headboard! Isn't it fabulous? Ok, I must admit...I am not here yet in my life. My husband would laugh at me if I brought this home for us. He would probably ask how this burlap would look with itty bitty peanut butter and jam finger smears, and his dirty work hat slung over one side! Well, just because I can't achieve this sort of lovely look in my bedroom....doesn't mean I don't adore looking at it!!!
The sweet vintage velvet and satin heart pillows are the bomb, and those adorable handmade cushions with the silky poppies are too freakin' cute no?!?!
I did seriously consider this practical little hamper with the fun laundry sign....if I didn't already have a laundry chute in my home, I'd probably have bought it. What a great idea!
Well, according to this Audrey Hepburn quote, I was one of the Prettiest girls at the Show! Tee hee hee!
Is this the most adorable sign ever??? The florals are too cute! Big salute to the creator of Happy Endings They had more creative ideas....'s one of the gals at Happy Endings chatting with La Von....I think she bought something there....but I can't remember what! It's all starting to blur together for me!
Kim went off exploring for awhile, and I finally caught up to her in this great booth. We ended up buying some things here as store displays for Grandiflora ( our shop ). I believe it was called Today's Country Store
Then we fell in love with the cool furniture in this booth called Retreat  This gentleman made the best furniture out of reclaimed should've seen the gigantic table they sold; unbelievable! He was such a nice and creative man. I loved his tables pictured here made with commercial bakery sheets turned upside down for tabletops! How fun is that!
Shortly after that we found these sweet girls in their booth ...Wild Whimsy   Again...those girls were not only ADORABLE they had some of the cutest stuff ever! My favorite was all the guitars that they had found and "renovated" to unbelievable cuteness! You can make some of them out in the background of this photo. Aren't their necklaces fun? Way too much talent between those girls.
By this time La Von had found the Fun Junk booth with all the was so much fun sifting through all the mish mash of vintage and antique goodness. My mom bought a bracelet made of all vintage clock faces in this booth....and I believe La Von found a bunch of tiny Bibles (see them in her hand?) which she collects.
We had our Gardening Radar on when we saw this cute display by Forget Me Not Dreams   Kim actually makes something similar to this for our shop....but it's more of a cold frame idea.
I passed up one of these bottle dryers once before for a pittance....and everytime I see one I weep at the thought of it! This photo was taken in Heather Bullard's booth isn't it lovely??? She has impeccable taste, no??? Find her here
This is Poor Pitiful Pam's booth....I don't Pity Pam....she has it all! Doggone woman rocks it as a matter of fact! Who the heck does she think she is anyway??? Pitiful my...... No, just kiddin! I loved this booth! All the whimsy, all the girliness, all the cupcake liners....uh....cupcacke liners???? Yes, cupcake liners! The top of that adorable dress is made completely of CUPCAKE LINERS!!! How fun is that! Well, Pam....if I am to pity will only be for the creative juices that must've kept you up for hours and hours dreaming up this adorable booth!
Well, what'dya think? Lovely yes? was so much fun soaking in all the creativity around us at The Farm Chicks Show

I hope you've been enjoying all of this! One more installment to complete the trip stay tuned for my next post! Until then, I'd love to hear your thoughts so please leave me a comment ok?

Cheers all !
Trish :o)


  1. Hi-
    It would have been fun to see at the show...
    I was a little overwhelmed by all the people and amazing booths. I also loved the headboard idea with the burlap and buttons...I have one in my basement just like it waiting to be fixed up...I'm hoping my husband will like it... :)

  2. This must have been a truely happy day! What terrific finds and pictures! Over all, I love the headboard! If I only had one alike!
    I just found your lovely blog via flickr and I will follow along for sure!
    xxx Jo

  3. Oh the satin and velvet heart pillows...oohhhhh
    the huge, love, love the pale aqua door...and that lacy umbrella!!!!
    A delish bit of inspiration for my morning!

  4. Hi Trish,

    I came across your blog via Serena's post show blog post. I love your blog and your style!! I see you are from Lynden. I actually met a blog friend, Holly at the show who lives in Lynden, maybe you know her? This is her blog:

    I've enjoyed reading your blog and am signing up to follow. Can't wait to read more. :) I hope to get over to Lynden one of these days and I'll be sure to visit your store, it sounds great.

    Many blessings to you,


  5. Thanks so much for mentioning our booth on your cute blog! We are so glad you had fun at the show! It was AWESOME! Pop over to our blog and enter our Farm Chicks Giveaway...a signed copy of Serena's cookbook! Winner will be picked on Monday!

  6. Thanks for the grand tour..Well done.
    Next year I'll have to go. !!I was a vendor last year and it was great,and a ton of hard work.

  7. Jana, I'm sure your husband will love it! Make sure you take photos and show us when you're done!

    Randiga, thanks so much for visiting!

    Jo, so happy to have you here....I'm following your fun blog now too! Can't wait to see more of your photos on Flickr soon!

    Jennifer, as pleasure. Thanks for being such a constant makes me want to keep bloggin! :o)

    Erin, so funny! Yes I know Holly. She shops at our store and we were comparing goodies all along the way with her and her group. There were lots of ladies there from Lynden! We are a pretty fun group of gals! Can't wait to see you come around sometime! I'm off to bed right now...but I'll have to come visit your blog soon! Cheers!

    Eileen and Karen, You girls had an adorable booth! Congrats on the good job! Hope it was a good show for you, and I'm off to check out your blog in the A.M. I'm still trying to catch up on sleep from the show! :o)

    Hey Shay, you're welcome! Those shows always wear us out huh? That's how we got started in I'm well aware of the grueling hours, heavy lifting, and general frenzy it takes to put one of these babies off! Hats off to you for doing the show...hopefully it was good for you! :o)


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