Monday, June 7, 2010

Farm Chicks Fodder...I couldn't wait to show you!

Well....I got so worked up about going to the show ( and I'm so exhausted from cleaning house due to the husband being left home with small children for 3 days...) that I needed to sit down and spend a little time sharing MY treasures with you. I hope to show you more photos of the show itself soon!
My wildest, and most asked about find is this funky hand made rug! It was made by an older lady who has passed on now. She cut up all her Polyester leisure suits and made a rag rug from them! I fell in love instantly with all the fun colors!!! I'm sure it would wear like iron on the floor....but I'm thinking it might be fun to fold it in it, add some handles and make it a beach bag!!! It shimmies and shakes when you just reminds me of those movies of Annette Funicello on the beach where the lady is shakin' her booty and she's got a fringe bikini bottom on!!!  :o)

This retro pin was a looked adorable with my outfit on the second day....and I HAD to have it!

Here's a fun collage of all the color I found junkin.
I was stoked to find some wild wallpaper for a project I'm planning on....I may have some left to sell on Etsy if you're interested....
The stash displayed on my lawn for your viewing pleasure.
Great close-up of my rug, and the coolest clock radio ever. It works!!! And for only four bucks too! :) It needs a little cleaning, and isn't in the best shape...but for four bucks, you can't complain!
I found a sweet oil painting for my bathroom entitled " Blue Hawaii", a vintage hanger, some vintage fabric scraps, an aqua drain board for my file folders, and a really PURPLE suitcase for storing supplies in my craft room.
I also found this sweet bird oil painting. Don't know where I'm going to put this one yet....but I'm sure it will be lovely just about anywhere!
I'm happy that I found such fun things for such nice prices! I was a little worried that it would all be over priced and snobby. I was pleasantly surprised!
Well, "HANG" in there for more photos of all different types of displays and views of The Farm Chicks show....I'll post them soon. In the mean time, enjoy my random selection of items meant mostly for my craft room. I can't wait to set it up. Now....just to find the time to do it!

Trish :o)


  1. OH, I would so love to go to that show some day! Looks like you found a lot of great stuff, I am particularly eyeing that aqua drainer...have been looking for one it!

  2. CRAZY for that clock!!
    I want one like that! Might just have to go
    out to some estate sales and see if I can find one!

  3. I love all of the colors! It seems like whites, grays and muted tones are so popular now...but they aren't my style. You found some great stuff.

  4. oooooooooooo-wish I could've been there! Hope you had a blast and I can't wait to hear the stories and see the goodies!!

  5. Looks like a great time. Love that rug too, how fun would that be as a beach bag?


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