Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life Isn't Always A Party

Hello again everyone!

I'm so happy to be able to take a few minutes to chat with all of you. I've been having a difficult day today....and I appreciate knowing you are all out there. Am I the only one who thinks July is just as busy as December? And that August is even crazier? Boy....there are so many things to cram into one's schedule when you live in a "seasonal" climate where the weather dictates most of what you do.

I should be happy that the sun is finally shining I suppose...but, then my meddling allergies seem to get the best of me (especially when the wind is blowing like it has been!) Well, I'm trying not to be a Debbie Downer here....I suppose I should change the subject....more difficult than you might think under my present yucky feeling circumstances.

As luck would have it for today, at least I have a few lovely photos to share with you!!! It was all that I could muster for you in my present state, so I hope you enjoy them...and if you are having a difficult day like I am, I pray that things will go better for you. God is good, and I know this too shall pass.
Trish :o)
P.S. Part of enjoying a party is dressing ahead of time....and taking it all off (nasty heels included) after it's all said and


  1. I am sorry you are having one of those days. Sometimes things get to me too. I get overwhelmed and feel like it is all on me, etc.... I live in Anacortes and my alergies have been acting up too but I never really know why or when...God is good and He always is there even if we don't feel it. He will lay His hand on you and calm you if you reach out to Him..He promised.

  2. Hi Sherri, Thanks SO much for your kind comment. I was very encouraged to know that I'm not alone out there with these allergies (this year has been really wierd for me with them due to the crazy weather we've been having) I hope you are able to enjoy your weekend allergy free! Blessings, and you're right...God NEVER goes back on a promise! :)

  3. Allergies, hot weather, high humidity, kids, Koolaide stains, high speed days....let's just hang in there....Fall is on it's way. How do I know? The craft stores have put Thanksgiving stuff out! :)

  4. Oh Trisha,
    Hang in there! Your sweet smiles will be back soon!

  5. Allergies are the worst - I had several "icky feeling" days last week here in Arizona. I hope you feel better soon. I enjoy your blog and pictures.

  6. You guys are awesome! Thank the Heavens I'm feeling better than I was I thank you for thinking of me so kindly. I really appreciate all of your friendships!!! :o)


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