Monday, July 19, 2010

Rustic Drifters and Fiery Skies

Hello everyone! I thought I'd let you know that the allergies are at bay with proper medication!! Yippee!!! Thanks once again for all your kind wishes, prayers, and general means SO much to me!!!
Now that I was feeling better, I've been out and about this past weekend doing all sorts of things. The thing I liked the most was visiting a number of beaches collecting lovely pieces of driftwood to sell at Wesley Asher on Etsy
This is a sampling of what you will find over at the shop right now. Believe it or not, it takes quite a bit of time to find all these lovely interesting pieces amongst all the non descript twigs on the beaches. I collect from all over the many beaches have lovely driftwood around these parts. Each beach has something a little different than the next. You are allowed to take small driftwood pieces and shells from public beaches because they are "renewable" but you are not allowed to take rock (not renewable). Anything that would be considered "firewood" size is too large to least that's how it goes in our area.

Alot of folks around here think I'm a crazy gull to be doing this. However I constantly remind them that if you were landlocked where they can't sell "....oceanfront property in A-ri-zo-na..." and you wanted to decorate your powder room in a shell/seashore's pretty difficult to just walk outside and find some driftwood!  SO....I fill a niche....and it's relaxing for me to wander along the shores listening to the waves of the surf with the gulls overhead and the salt scent in my nose.
The water sparkles in the sun....
...I have to look up once in awhile from the flotsam and jetsom to view the beautiful mountainous terrain in every direction but pure west....
....where every cloud has a fiery lining....
....and the sun dips into the ocean .
Wishing you a lovely week filled with God's awesome creation...
Trish :o)


  1. Trisha,
    The driftwood is beautiful...small pieces of art in themselves. My Daddy used to love to find wood at the river during the winter while the water was down. He would clean it, smooth any rough places, stain and varnish then mount it on a beautiful plaque he'd made.
    I miss that and I miss him.
    And yes, you should fill a niche when your heart tells you do so. We all benefit from it. :)

  2. beautiful sunset - get shot and the strawberry picking looks like fun!!!! can not wait for the season in australia to start!!!


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