Thursday, September 2, 2010

Empty Nest...For 3 HOURS!!!

O.K. SO....Those of you who know me personally would realized that this morning....I HAVE AN EMPTY NEST!!! :o) FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 6...almost 7 YEARS!!!
Both of the munchkins are in School this morning. Tristan to first grade, and Elliot in Preschool.
I have 3 HOURS! First off...I prayed for them...then I cried....checked emails...cried...and then decided this was a better option...BLOG! :o)
I hope you can stand my blubbering on and on about my great kids from time to time! :)
It's that time of the year again...Autumn....and school. I shot the picture above of Tristan's and my collection of some junk the other day...He and I have an affinity for junking. It's hereditary you know!!!
He likes Value Village even more than I do! Yikes!!!
What an awesome fun kid! He's great! You should have seen him waiting for the bus this morning. ALL SMILES! SO EXCITED for his second day in the 1st grade!
I love him SO much...he's one of those "rock" type of kids....Peter is his favorite Disciple....totally!
Then there's my little monkey Elliot. He is my goofy comedian....I just adore him...he makes me laugh and laugh...and laugh!!! I can always be cheered up by haning out with Elliot. He simply shines in a way I can't describe...lit from within...and on fire for life.
What a cutie patooty!!!
SO....with that....I'm going to get outta the house for a bit and monkey around! I've decided to get my computer "stuff" done and over with this fine sunny day in September....and go for a BIKE RIDE!
I'm loving my new "old" ride...she's a 'beaut! She rides like a dream...and with that basket on the front...she can haul good stuff too! I need to go buy a lock for she doesn't go wandering off with someone. Most folks would never want to steal an old bike around these I'm not too afraid to make a Library run this morning....but one never knows!

I hope you are enjoying your day...I will be back again soon with more fun design stuff...but for now I'm going to savor a bit of "me" time...I hope you can get a slice of the simple pie of life soon too.
Hang in there...God is good!
Cheers my dears!
Trish :o)


  1. what a great post!! your kids are so cute and i love the shot of the two together. i hope you enjoy your bike ride. it sounds heavenly!

  2. God is good for sure and your boys are such handsome little guys! Have a great time enjoying a few special hours by yourself.

  3. What adorable boys . . . they are growing up too fast! (I remember them from six months ago at the Lynden Show--wouldn't have recognized them, Trish!)

    You are truly blessed,


  4. Love this post! I am feeling your agony ;-) and as for your bike old is gold!!!


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