Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LOVING Best of Western Washington...

So, as most of you know I own a shop with my mom and sister. We are trying to get ready to do a show in the fall (more details to follow) so I am crafting up a storm with all sorts of vintage goodness! I was especially taken with the hoops I did recently with this lovely pin striped grey wool and antique crochet.
I figured I'd share it with you folks! :)
Don't you  just love vintage and antique crochet?!
I can't imagine having the time or patience to have done this sort of work! Adding the lovely bit of bling in the center just sort of "completed" the look, and brought it into the "now".
I fell in love with the heathered grey wool with cream pinstripes...isn't it sophisticated?
This color way is HOT HOT HOT right now in upandcoming home decor publications. Trust WILL see grey/cream/white/antique silver/natural woods/charcoal black  in a big way wherever good design is sold!
I like it... it's cozy, chic, vintagey, modern, antique, rustic, refined, cutting-edge, and safe all wrapped up in one! The other nice thing, is that you can add a pop of color into this at any time. Chartreuse green in winter, soft rose in spring, turquoise in summer, burnt orange in fall, and crimson red during the holidays.
Mark my words...this is the next big "IT" look!
I've been having fun playing with this color scheme...
..."knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7.
Don't you just love this cool old door knocker? I could'nt resist.
On a side note, my son Elliot (4) and I are learning this bible verse for his church memorization. It's so great to hear a 4 year old reciting a verse from the kinda humbles you.
Well, I just thought I'd leave you with this...
Love really is the key.
I mean it, if you put love in everything you will show. I love being a wife and mom, a crafter, and a retailer. I love what I do...and I shows!
So, that being said....
and if you do too,
please go on over to our blog and vote for us in KING 5 Evening Magazine's
Best of Western Washington
Best Gift Shop.
We are THRILLED to have been nominated for the 2nd year in a row, and would love to show the Northwest how much we (and our customers) LOVE

Thanks in advance all my wonderful blog buddies.
I love you too!
Sharing life with you via the blog just feels lovely!
Thanks for being so great to me.
Trish :)

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  1. i love your hoops! that pin stripe is pretty fabulous.

    i LOVE gray, too. i'm going through a huge gray phase right now. i've been adding bits of it all over the place. i love how it tones down my brighter colored vintage pieces.


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