Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking on the Bright Side of Christmas Tree Removal in January...

I'm FINALLY getting to "UN-decorating" my Christmas Tree today.
When you own and work at a retail store, this is not something you look forward to.
I have been so busy or gone at/from home lately that this is the first chance I've truly had!
I whipped up this photo earlier this very morning....
I am now trying to practice what
The bright side of taking down my Christmas Tree is:
(after much soul searching...)

1. The guilt of being a lazy housekeeper will cease and desist.
2. The living room will now feel 10 times lesss crowded.
3. The mess of boxes in my basement will finally go back to their organized chaos.
4. I will not lose sleep wondering whether or not we will go up in flames during the night.
5. The luxurious scent of locally farmed Frasier Fir will fill the house.
6. I can watch my hubby load the tree back into his truck...
( I just LOVE to watch him work!)
7. Peace and calm will rule in at least one corner of my living room.
8. I can dream about what else I can buy to fill the empty space!
9. I can revel in the thought that the gift of Jesus isn't seasonal like dead trees are.
10. I can begin to think about intricate snowflakes, pink hearts, and white paper doilies.

Cherish winter;
Look on the brighter side of things.
It won't hurt.

Back soon with more about my really fun weekend....
but I've got alot of
ornaments to tackle first!

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  1. Hi Trish . . . good to see you, La Von and Kim at 2nd Satz! Hope you had a wonderful time. I'm taking down Christmas a bit at a time--it leaves me blue to do it all at once.

    Looking forward to V-day!

    ~ Debi


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