Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tweetie, Tweetie, Have a Treat!

Well Hello there folks!
I've been away for just a bit...blissfully....sickeningly...and....stressfully away.
Er....huh?!?! You ask.
Yes, it was a bit of bliss to have snuck away from posting for a of me missed it terribly....but even those parts needed a bit of a break.
I was also fairly sick....with sick little ones this past Holiday Break ( They are on round #2 of Antibiotics....ugh.)
And is always a bit stressful at this time of the year.
I'm happy to say:
"I'm back to spend some more quality time with all you lovelies again!!!"
I could post loads of fun photos of my boys doing all the fun Holiday things they did....
I think I might just savor those for myself.
Instead, I wanted to share something that we
this holiday break instead!
Do you love birds???
I do.
My sister La Von adores and collects little replicas of birds.
My mom had a brief fetish with birds in cages for quite sometime until my brother-in-law yelled at her canary to "Shut-up!" one day and it never sang again!
( it was a terribly over talkative little yellow yapper!)
My Grandparents were master bird watchers and feeders;
my dad loves to carry on their tradition...although he is about 10 or so feeders short.....
Even my in-laws love to feed birds!
Bird feeding just sort of resides in our genes.
I decided to have a little fun with my boys Tristan and Elliot these past few days feeding the tweeties.
We collected fir cones and tied string to the end of them.
Then we rolled them in massive amounts of peanut butter.
Once they (and our fingers) were covered in the delicious sticky stuff....
....we dipped them in the birdseed and hung them up to be enjoyed by the little family of tweeties in our yard.
I am happy to announce the birds absolutely
In winter it is very important to know that once you start feeding the little darlings,
you musn't stop.
They will depend on that source of food the rest of the season.
We've got our work ahead of us!
Soon we will be feeding the squirrels!
Judging by the fact that the dismantled gingerbread trains we smothered in peanut butter and seeds are now missing completely....I'm thinking the squirrels are happy little campers.
....the racoons are adorable black masked sinister little thieves in the night!
Well, I'll be taking it a little easy here in blogland for a bit as I am now going to be heavily occupied with massive amounts of
at our shop
this whole week.
Oh least I will be working with good friends, surrounded by beautiful messes.
I truly am blessed.
I hope
I pray for a blessed New Year for all of us in 2011....

Cheers my dears,
and thanks for excusing me for some quality time with my
family this past
Holiday Break.


  1. Happy to have you back...sorry to hear your little ones were ill. I too should be working at my shop but right now I am focusing on the home ~ two trees are done and one to go...I hate to see the holidays over so quickly.
    Have a wonderful week

  2. nope - not the whole week!! It was officially done at 10:39am this morning :-) Cheers to a great inventory!


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