Thursday, February 3, 2011

Balancing: Kids -vs- Work...What's a Softie Mom to Do?

Hi there everyone!
How ya'll doin' today?
I've had an interesting day myself. My youngest son was supposed to be taken care of by my mother-in-law today....and simply decided:
"No WAY! I want my MOM!!!"
SO, needless to mother-in-law was disheartened, tried everything she knew how to soothe him, and then finally called me on my cell to come home from work.
This doesn't happen.
Neither he or my older son have ever been the type to have seperation this is a whole new thing for me. I must admit, it did feel great to know that he wanted ME, and ONLY me.....but it also worried me a bit too. What if this was to become the new norm???
It's pretty difficult to work with a four year old strapped to your leg!
Either way...Grandma was relieved when we called her back and assured her after a long talk with Elliot, that she was not the was just that he wanted his mommy.
I guess that is what happens when you leave for a week to go to Las Vegas!
Sadly that also means that in the last four years ( or probably more!!!! Tristan is seven!!!!) that I've not been away for more than a couple of days at a time.
It sound a litttle pathetic when you put it that way, however....
I adore being home with my family....more than going away.
I know that's hard to believe....but I'm kinda a home body.
Unless it involves girlie shopping or junk shopping of course!
Speaking of which....
I decided to take some photos of my "new" vintage camera collection; ok....there's only two of them....but it's a start right?
I love finding a new thing to be happy about!
I especially like it when you find those things on the cheap!
My sister La Von found the little charmer above for fifty cents or so at a garage sale!
She knows what I like!
Thanks La Von!
I found this handsome fellow out junkin' one day....I love the blue!
As I've told everyone who asks me about it:
" I had to choose between a latte and this camera....I decided to go home and make myself a cuppa instead!"
I know not everyone is in to cameras.
What makes your heart beat a little faster with a glimpse in a junk shop, or at a garage sale?
I have so many that it's difficult to list them all!
Here would be my top 10:
( in no particular order)
1. crochet afghans in fun color combos
2. vintage fabrics in colorful but faded florals
3. almost anything vintage turquoise, goldenrod, or dark rose pink in color!
4. vintage cameras...duh! :oP
5. vintage globes/maps
6. deer figurines
7. vintage phones
8. vintage oil paintings of the sea
9. antique bamboo and wicker
10. old chippy painted furniture
Oh my I really HAVE to stop???
I could go on and on!!!
However I need to focus here:
Well, Grandma won't be coming to babysit tomorrow as I'm sure it's more than we could all bear after the sob-fest of today.
Elliot will be donning his little earphones with his little handheld game, and heading to work with his mama for a few hours tomorrow. Then we will be taking it easy and cozy at home for the afternoon.
He is.... afterall only going to be four once...

and I for one
want to miss it!

Hope you are well!
See you back here again soon....


  1. so hard i'm sure to mix work and family's hard even when you stay at home-how to divide your time...

    love the cameras, and such great deals!
    i love finding vintage buttons, ephemera,lace...

  2. Cherish that Elliot was able to express his feelings . . . soon enough, he'll be pushing off (sniff-sniff). You're a great mom, Trish . . . and a great junker . . . and a great and talented friend!

    I love sooo many different kinds of junk, I wouldn't know where to start (or end!). Blessings to you and yours,



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