Monday, February 7, 2011

Bye Bye Old Vegas!

The last night we had in Vegas was spent OLD SCHOOL STYLE!

We felt like Vegas Queens!

The old Fremont District has been refreshed from days of old.
This is where it all began!

It's a true "Nugget" of gold for the senses!

We had a fun time watching:

....the incredible "moving ceiling" filled with over 2 million lights that comprise this masterpiece of musical magic!
We were lucky enough to hear
"Bye-Bye Miss American Pie"
How fitting for our last night in Vegas!?

The colors and pictures were unbelievable!
(you might see the cables running down the middle of this 2 block long menagerie? It's a Zipline you can ride! )

Well, we had a blast in Las Vegas....but we were exhausted!!!
We said "Bye-Bye" to Sin City cheerfully.
Saying good-bye to the sun was not as cheerful for us Pacific Northwesters.....but we kept our chins up
knowing we had brought back a bunch of sunshine via all the treasures we bought for
If you're local, you'll need to stop by SOON as the treasures are pouring in like a

Cheers Las Vegas!

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  1. Yes, Yes - DO come to Grandiflora everyone!! Glad you girls got to enjoy a little Vegas!


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