Thursday, March 24, 2011

Visual Merchandising Memories...

Don't you think that Spring really is the "girly" season?
I mean really,
pastel flowers, flowering cherry trees, new Easter dresses....
I could go on.
in honor of Spring arrival,
here is my latest photographic print:
found here:
I hope you like it,
these are old department store letters.
Back in the day when I was a Visual Merchandiser for
The Bon Marche
(now a part of Macy's)
I had to move letters like these around when we were moving a department.
I always wanted to spell silly things out like:

"Hey! Yeah you! Buy this stuff, it's cuter than what you're wearing now!"
"This is the really expensive part of the store...who do you think you're fooling?!"
"Your husband called....he said you can buy anything you long as it's lingerie!"
"If you wanted practical underwear, you'd be shopping over at Sears!"
I never quite dared...I was only about 25 or so at the time. Back then I was embarassed to dress the naked guy manequins in the window with people watching me!
(as a matter of still makes me feel kinda woozy.)
those days seem long ago and far away.
Being a visual merchandiser for a department store always sounded so chic...but realistically it was really kinda boring. We always had a look book to adhere to, and company standards. I truly love what I do now...independant work is far more difficult...and the pay is MUCH LESS....but man oh I the lucky duck!
Wishing you a lovely weekend my dearies...
T T F N!


  1. Shared a link to your blog and a photo I took last spring of your home on my blog today. Enjoy!

  2. Oh Saralee...thanks so much for the feature and the heads up! That's so nice of you!!! ;)


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