Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can you "Employ" your Husband???

 My poor husband.
He puts up with so much from me somedays.
I am one of those truly
types who never knows what they might decide to create or do next.
He is a real sweetie and a trooper.
I recently came up with an idea for which I thought others might like.
Turks Head Knot Beaded Necklaces.
Here they are:
 My husband is one of those ultra creative types as well, who likes to work with knots, puzzles, and frankly all the annoying things I DON'T like such as:
tangled Christmas lights
twisted wires or string
scary mind puzzles
You get the idea!
He is a master puzzle solver; did I mention he's left handed???
I rest my case.
 So anyway, he is really into all things outdoors, and is an avid sportsman.
He is constantly tying knots, weaving things, making long bows from scratch, tying fishing flies....and so on and so forth.
As I saw him making a great
Monkey's Fist Knot keychain for me one day, I asked if he could make a tiny knot.
He said sure, let me try...
this is what he came up with for me!
Turks Head Knot Beads
Very industrial/sailor chic!
Great for Men or Women.
Needless to say, I'm listing them over at
 right now.
We'll see if he'll be getting paid for this....I'm kind of a tough boss~
 He is the best employee I've ever had however....I should really give him a raise.
Just last night he cooked me an entire meal, fed my kids, dressed them for bed, and kissed me goodnight!
I've never had an employee do that before!
Well, for now I'm really doing an earth tone color scheme to see how they will lift off the ground.
I think they are really cool myself, and if you saw how difficult they are to make....
it might make your head spin!
I think you're right....
I should give my hubby a raise.
How does
$ Laundry.00
 per hour


  1. I am not sure my husband would want to create anything from my mind but these are incredible! And since I am horrible at knots I can understand the possible frustration at making them.

  2. Thanks so much! I'll let him know...he's never quite sure he is talented. Your comment will help me to convince him. :D

  3. those are COOL! My husband is a neat freak, has a desk that you can see the top of and works lft to rt and a-z... yep, total left brainer :) but he's awesome and lets me be the right brainer :)

  4. they look great!i love the lichen color :)

  5. Those look great!

    I'm a florist, and I always employ my husband when I need a little extra help. He's great!

  6. Annie from OregonApril 14, 2011 at 3:16 PM

    “I should give my hubby a raise.
    How does
    $ Laundry.00
    per hour
    sound”? ... Well, doesn't sound, ‘Ca Ching’...that's for sure!!! =o)

    I really think your hubby Prince has done a very special thing with these knots. They are well-chosen and show first-rate craftsmanship. One name I use is "liloceanannie" - so this beautiful knot and simple chain stirs my heart because they totally bring memories of what I love best! Big job for a little knot =o) This is my choice for Christmas gifts for my girls. (They'll have to just enjoy looking at mine, while they wait til December!) LOL Thank you for giving us this treat!

    And thank you, husband, for a job well done! My mother tied flies; so I appreciate the detail and fine-tuning of each original, individual knot you create(d) for Trisha’s idea. You two are a great team!!

  7. These are super cute! have a talented and good natured husband. All my past men....hated my projects and wanted nothing to do with them. You are lucky.

  8. Oh Dearest Blog Buddies.... I want to thank-you for lifting my hubbies creations up from normalcy and into the realm of "Cute" "amazing" and "talented" !!! He is glowing with a sort of " Aw shucks " kinda look on his face. :)

    He is a gem....and I love him so very much. Don't worry...he's not don't get too jelous, but I'll be keeping him for sure. I am so blessed to have a man who not only believes in me, does what I ask of him, but mostly brags about me when I'm not around. He is super gifted, and I'm so glad you all like the should see what else he's capable of, but it's mostly more masculine stuff (other than the cooking and baking he does....but that's another post alltogether! Yes, my hubby loves to cook and bake!!!).

    Well, enough for now....his head is swelling a bit too much. I'm thinking I owe him more than $Laundry.00 now. Oh....well....that is also a whole other post...or not.... ;)


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