Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dreamy Garden Day Trip

Dreamy Day
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 Oh, I DO hope you had a lovely Easter!
I know I did!
Since we did all our Easter Egg hunting on Saturday at our Church with the kids, we were able to do some other fun things on Easter Sunday:

First it was off to Church in the morning for an awesome and inspiring service.
Grabbed some great lattes.
Filled up with ga$ ( yike$!!! Can You $ay $uburban???)
Picked up my folks.
Drove to get a little lunch.
Headed to the Tulip Fields of Mt. Vernon, Washington, which are only about 45 minutes drive away.
Many people mistake photos of Mt. Vernon for photos of's an honest mistake!
So many lovely almost takes the breath away.
 My mom and I both agreed that this breed of Daffodil was
Oh I could've spent so much more time photographing the many colors and types of tulips....
with two men and two little boys along....
it didn't happen.
I'm so happy I took the time to get out there and take the shots that I did.
It is so lovely there!
Being a Dutch decendant on both sides of my family....Tulips and I just happen to have an
affinity for eachother.
What did you get to do this past
Easter Weekend???


  1. Wow, GORGEOUS! I love it!! Sounds like a great day :)

  2. ours was a pretty quiet weekend/easter ;)
    unfortunately it rained too much for an egg hunt.
    those photos are so pretty! and i agree about the daffodil :)

  3. I love the Tulip Festival-what a perfect setting for a lovely Easter day!!


  4. Oh my friend...your images are so lovely. I was just saying to my husband this morning that we missed going to Mt. Veron this we always head that way around Easter Weekend to see the fields of tulips! Oh well...I get to enjoy your lovely images. Hugs and joy for a amazing week. xoxo

  5. Thanks all you lovely ladies! I'm so glad a field full of tulips can bring a bit of sunshine into all your lives! :) If I could send you all a bouquet of these lovelies....I totally would!!! :)


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