Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Gypsy Chic Caravan Day Dream...

Found this trailer when I was out on the job for Grandiflora the other day...
I simply HAD to take a photo of it!!!
I LOVE the color.
Don't you dream of having an old trailer to toodle around in?
I do.
This one is a bit far gone...and could constitute as Trailer Trash...
I think it would be fun to have a little trailer
(or caravan as the Brits like to call them)
to have a fun little campy getaway in!
I imagine myself as a Junk Gypsy going from little old town to little old town collecting fun junk and making it into really awesome art....
but that is about 25 years off....
I kept on trudging through the mud to find more goodies for the Store....
I also had to snap this photo.....
not exactly sure why....
just really liked the looks of the
verdigris metal all packed up in that rustic crate!
it says
"old English garden in the making"
to me.
Hope to show you more from this fun trip soon....

I also found this free printable out blog stalking the other day....
you should go check this fun site out

For the free book I'm giving away from Selina Lake
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Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. Love your shop, just got back from a trip up north to the gun show with hubby and we stopped in. I needed inspiration and I sure found it there.

  2. i'm crossing my fingers for the book giveaway ;)

    i love those vintage caravans that people decorate nowadays, in bright colors, roses and vintage style. I could see one as a little art studio too ;)

  3. I do think those little trailers look like fun. Did you see the one that Debbie at Curious Sofa just bought? She said she spent her first night in it here in Oklahoma. I do think they look more fun than they actually would be. But I can imagine fixing one up super cute.

  4. Lucky you...out and about looking for treasure..I do love the colour of that camper!

    Hope your Monday is going well...and you have a nice cozy hot drink beside you to warm you up with all this rain we are having. xoxoxo

  5. Love the colours in the two top photos. The caravan is cute and intense and the other one is more subtle but still so lovely :)

  6. Where on earth did you go to find that trailer and the other cool junk???!!! Beautiful photos,as always, Trish.

    Can't thank you enough for the nice comments on my blog. I know we're both always sooo busy, but I'm always thinking of you and the Grandiflora Girls!!!

    xo - Debi


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